a proud nod to Olmsted's vision at Buffalo's iconic architectural landmark

100 Acres and Hotel Henry are the first phase and 1/3 of the redevelopment of the Richardson Olmsted Campus. Named after Olmsted's innovative use of space throughout Hotel Henry's grounds, 100 Acres conjures land - a proud nod to the agricultural and sustainable tenets of Olmsted's vision for this property.

Though this land is no longer available for agrarian use, Hotel Henry will develop the footprint of the property’s original 19th c greenhouses to create a potager, or kitchen garden, to continue the tradition and benefits of hyper-local, urban agriculture. 100 Acres will serve a multitude of market fresh culinary experiences in an expansive hall, using diverse service and seating styles – all with one common menu. 100 Acres is committed to selectively sourced ingredients with a focus on regional products.

a selectively sourced, ingredient focused menu

Creative dishes elevate fresh, simple ingredients showcasing the best of each season, based on sustainable relationships with local farms, and artisan breads and pastries from our in-house bakery. 

The items and prices change very often based on what is sourced from our farms. 

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The Hallmarks of 100 Acres

innovative experiences in the uncommon spaces a national historic ladmark

100 Acres brings people together, with a variety of dining styles, atmospheres, and offerings for every guest. Find a sense of community, whimsy, and exploration in the many uncommon spaces of 100 Acres: The Kitchens at Hotel Henry. 


100 Acres will consider the various menu items theatrical components of its atmosphere - from show-stopping presentations to small, unexpected surprises, each dining experience will include an element of whimsy, charm, and character.


The 100 Acres cocktail menu will highlight trending craft cocktails that are appropriately reminiscent of eras past. Cocktails will be the focal point of the beverage menu, alongside assorted offerings of wine, beer and liquor.


100 Acres marries a variety of atmospheres under one shared menu. From formal or sit-down dinners, to casual eaters and on-the-go customers, 100 Acres will offer guests full-service dining, bar and lounge food, prepared to order and pre-packaged items.





100 Acres will offer somewhere to convene for discussion over late-night cocktails or early-morning coffee; a place to celebrate family occasions over a long communal table; a hidden corner of the bar for intimate conversation. At 100 Acres you can either find a great conversation to join, or bring one with you to share.




100 Acres "good and proper coffee" describes the astuteness for authentically made, unpretentious coffee, enjoyable at any time of day - in the morning, over pastry in the lobby, hotel room or dining room; in the evening, over dessert and conversation; and anywhere else in the course of the day.