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Join Hotel Henry and Zamir Gotta of Zamir Vodka to celebrate peacemaking through vodka at "From Russia with Buffalove." Enjoy Zamir vodka creatively paired with a Russian inspired menu in 100 Acres by Chef Alex Armstrong.

First Course: Pickled Vegetables, Fruits, and Fish
Second Course: Cured Salmon, Smoked Crème Fraîche, Rye and Mustard
Third Course: "Borscht" Pot Roast, Beet Jus, Fresh Horseradish
Fourth Course: Honey Roll, Marscapone, Filo

Bring your friends, family, and neighbors to share customary Russian toasts and whimsical tales with Zamir himself while sipping his signature, locally made vodka!


Zamir Gotta has always found that a good bottle of vodka will lead to good stories, and telling and listening to good stories leads to peace. His name in Russian translates to "I am for peace". Through conversations, generous pours and a top-shelf product, Zamir hopes to be a peacemaker one shot at a time.

A Russian recipe, distilled in the United States, Zamir is trying to bring his particular style of peacemaking to Russians and Americans alike through drinking and adventure. Zamir Vodka is a traditional Russian recipe wheat Vodka made from American ingredients sourced within walking distance of the distillery. Zamir is involved in every step of the distilling process assuring that his vodka is up to his Russian standards.